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Air pollution is a major environmental hazard globally and is especially a pertinent issue in a developing country like India. It is estimated that poor air quality is the 5 th largest killer in India. Poor air quality results in a range of issues. People with existing health problems could be made worse-off due to breathing polluted air. Even healthy people can begin to face issues such as a sore throat, itchy eyes or difficulty in breathing. An Air Quality Index of 400 and above signifies the “Very Poor” category and can result in several respiratory and other illnesses upon prolonged exposure. A majority of the population is still unaware of the extent of health and environmental issues caused by air pollution.

As the youth of India, join the fight towards improving air quality across Indian cities. Write to us and share your experience of how air pollution affects your city. You can also contribute any solutions you might have, and ask us for solutions that you could implement to lower air pollution. Help us strengthen and expand our youth network across India!

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