Turn It Off Campaign

YCAN Nagpur collaborated with Fridays for Future Nagpur volunteers to create awareness against idling at traffic signals and vehicular pollution. Aakashwani Chowk, Nagpur & Law college square – a prominent spot in Nagpur was selected for this awareness campaign, as it has heavy traffic during peak hours. From 6PM to 7PM, volunteers created awareness by holding up posters on idling vehicular pollution and wearing pollution masks. The visible impact was seen as many people turned their engines off (especially 2- Wheelers) after seeing us at the Red signals. We plan to organise similar activities at different busy traffic signals across the city, such as:
1. Variety square
2. Khamla square
3. Shankar Nagar square
4. Chatrapati square
5. Pratap Nagar square
6. Laxmi Nagar square et