The Victory


Clean Air Asia India has taken an initiative to actively engage youth in exploring solutions and innovative ideas to improve air quality through Youth Clean Air Network (YCAN) by introducing Clean Air Video Challenge, a project implemented from October 2017 to September 2018 in partnership with the North India Office, US Embassy, New Delhi. Since air pollution has become a major issue in the global arena, Clean Air Asia’s Youth Network challenges young minds to document & share their issues with air and their ideas for solving this issue in a simple visual way from a unique perspective.

Throughout the project, the youth was engaged in a plethora of research activities  for their video, learning about air pollution, air quality, and its various aspects. An educational panel discussion along with an orientation session was organized for the participants. A good number of volunteers took part as well. The panel was moderated by Mr. Stewart E. Davis, Director of Programs, Embassy of the United States of America. Panelists included Dr. Nitish Dogra, Associate Professor, Convenor, Centre for Climate and Environment Health (CCEH), Dr. M.P. George, Scientist, Delhi Pollution Control Committee, and India Director For Clean Air Asia India, Ms. Prarthana Borah. 

After the initial panel discussion on the topic ‘Every Breath We Take’ the conversation shifted to discussing the participants’ ideas for their videos.

Every Breath we take

The event was a major success & this was reflected in the feedback from the participants who came to the session with numerous questions and left  with an aware and informed perspective of air quality.

The next step of this process came after the entries were received from the participants. A film screening session was organized for the 13 accepted entries in front of a jury of seasoned and creative experts in the field of air quality. Mr. Tamseel Hussain, Founder, and Director of Pluc TV, Ms. Reecha Upadhyay, Campaigns Director, Purpose, New Delhi and Mr. Aakash Arora, Youth Clean Air Network Lead, Clean Air Asia. Going through a tough competition, only 6 films made it to the final screening event. The final film screening took place at the American Centre, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi with a different jury panel consisting of  experts from different field,  suited to judge both the creative and informative aspect of each film. The members of the jury were Mr. Tamseel Hussain, Founder, and Director, Pluc TV,Dr. M.P George, Scientist, Air Laboratory, Delhi Pollution Control Board, Ms. Lolita Bhaduri, Art Director, Hindustan Times, and Ms. Priya Sreedharan from US Embassy. 5 final winners were selected on the basis of their content and filming.

The winners are:

Winner 1: Smriti Singh from Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, New Delhi

Presenter – Ms. Smriti Singh

Winner 2: Montage 2.0 from Faculty of Law, Delhi University, Delhi

Presenter – Mr. Anuj Kumar Dhaka

Winner 3: Air in My City from NRAI Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Presenter – Mr. Yugal Bisht

Winner 4: The White Silhouettes from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurugram

Presenter – Mr. Rishab Denis Rodrick

Winner 5: Uncanny from Niscort Media College, Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Presenter – Mr. Joseph Christo

We’ve got to pause and ask

ourselves: How much clean air do

we need?

lee Jacocca