The Road to be Taken
The Plastic Man of India

It is snubbed and  banned,

and  trampled upon by people.

No one sees its worth,

because it is believed to be evil.

Yet no one sees,

that the one to blame are

none other than people.

Their habits and insufficient disposal

is the reason it is free to flutter.

Reduce, recycle, reuse is the mantra,

yet no one seems to follow it.

Banning seems to be the only option,

but who bans the one who produces it?

Lo behold the Man,

who saw the wealth in the waste.

Plastic seen as a bane by others,

was used to make roadway.

Kudos to Dr. Rajagopalan Vasudevan,

who saw the good in the bad.

And gave the idea at no cost,

to his homeland.

Manaswi Singha