Hawai Adda 01
Nehru Place


Hawai Adda is a new public engagement activity led by YCAN. It is an initiative that aims to propagate the awareness about air pollution amongst the youngsters of Delhi. The goal of this activity is to increase consciousness of youngsters towards the environment and air pollution and how their everyday actions contribute to the air pollution. The activity seeks to understand what air pollution is to the Indian youth and their perception of the same. It also aims to encourage youth to get involved in air quality discussions through which we can build a strong, active youth network that works together to come up with innovative solutions for better air quality.

The YCAN committee members and volunteers will actively promote the Hawai Adda at different social places of the city. As the outreach generates momentum, we envisage that in the near future, this dialogue will become a bi-monthly location-based talk show event wherein initiated youth will lead the conversation to consultatively come up with air quality solutions with a panel of experts.  This activity will target social places with the high presence of youngsters like college students, working professionals, etc.

The first Hawai Adda activity kicked of this initiative with a great start owing to the enthusiastic participation of our volunteers. We are looking forward to equally, if not more enthusiastic volunteer support even for the next Hawai Adda program.

Hawai Adda 02
Connaught Place


Our Hawai Adda event at Connaught Place, organised with the support of YCAN volunteers, was a fun day-event wherein people came together and spoke up about the issue of air pollution. Many of them compared the air quality of Delhi to their respective hometowns. Members of the crowd  involved budding entrepreneurs working towards a better and greener environment, as well as bloggers and media persons.

Hawai Adda 03


This Hawai Adda event was held at Gurugram Kala Utsav, where our YCAN volunteers interacted with kids, their parents and different NGOs on the issue of air pollution in Indian cities. Members of the audience were keen to pitch in and several interesting opinions and solutions emerged from the event.