World Environment Day 2018

Clean Air Asia’s Youth Clean Air Network (YCAN) celebrated World Environment Day on June 5, 2018, in Central Park, New Delhi. YCAN members and youth from different colleges participated in this fruitful discussion. The main agenda of the event in open was to go beyond traditional boundaries and discuss issues that affect people on a daily basis.

The whole discussion revolved around the theme of this year’s World Environment Day – ‘beat plastic pollution’, along with air quality issues. Participants were introduced to terminologies used in the domain of air quality, such as AQI, PM10, PM2.5 etc.

The discussion also included individual steps taken/can be taken by participants towards the betterment of the environment. Additionally, the WHO’s report of the most polluted cities of the world which comprises Delhi was also a topic of conversation. One of the points brought up a striking statistic of Delhi’s air being equivalent to smoking 20 cigarette a day.

The city volunteers in Patna and Kochi also celebrated this day by hosting similar events in their cities.