World Environment Day 2021

The event began with the welcome address of Ms. Prarthana Borah, India Director, Clean
Air Asia. She highlighted the need for Youth Participation in Clean Air dialogues and how
their involvement is crucial. She also added it will be interesting and intriguing to see how
the youth reimagines, restores or recreates the natures whilst the discussion on ecosystem
restoration, so that we can know many more multiple interventions and especially positive
interventions which actually would look at direct action on the ground. 

After Ms. Prarthana Borah’s address, we welcomed Mr. Naveen Singhal, Dean, DIT
University, who highlighted on the fact that how crucial and important it is to protect and
restore our ecosystem which has been damaged by human activities. He added that today
the future generation is the key to finding solutions for ecosystem restoration, their ideas,
process and perspective could help addressing major global challenges and contributing to
the achievement of the sustainable development goals. 

Mr. Vedant Ballal, YCAN Nagpur Member, spoke about his experience and ideas and
solutions for abating air pollution. He presented on the topic Restoring Air- with green
technologies that support clean air. He talked about his YCAN experience and restoring air
in regard to his thesis topic which include reducing emissions in air.