How Our Volunteer Work ?


YCAN volunteers participate in conducting awareness campaigns towards clean air
in different Indian cities. This includes reaching out to the public regularly and
motivating the public to take action. These campaigns seek to ensure that messages
about clean air are delivered to the masses repeatedly and that they have a broad
reach so that more and more people join the action for better air quality.


YCAN is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Through these platforms, YCAN volunteers reach out to the masses to spread awareness on air pollution. Moreover, YCAN collects pictures through its network in different cities of India under the “Stories on Air” online campaign, which aims to sensitize the masses on common sources of air pollution around them.


YCAN volunteers hold a meeting once a month  wherein the next big activities are planned, discussions are held, and new ideas are shared. These meetings also serve to keep the volunteers updated with each other. Moreover, YCAN volunteers also interact with local administrators, politicians, and decision-makers to initiate citywide activities and strategies to curb air pollution.


YCAN volunteers from across India conduct Perception Surveys on air pollution in
their respective cities. The aim is to analyze the extent of awareness and knowledge about air pollution amongst everyday Indian people. Through different questions, the volunteers can draw a complete picture of the situation in their city and write a
detailed report. If you want to support this activity, you can easily take part in an
online perception survey: CLICK HERE


YCAN volunteers promote the usage of green technology that uses innovative methods to create environmentally friendly products. Going green or using technologies that are friendly to the environment is among the many ways which can spur economic growth while also improving the lives of the citizens. Green technology uses renewable natural resources that do not deplete and new, innovative energy generation techniques.


YCAN volunteers brainstorm and come up with new technologies that could aid in reducing air pollution and discussing about the numerous emerging technologies that could play a role in the future. One platform to do this is by participating in Hackathons held by Clean Air Asia India, wherein participants devise and present innovative solutions to fight air pollution.


YCAN welcomes all innovative thinking that could help in achieving clean air and curbing air pollution in our country. YCAN volunteers are always eager to work towards creative solutions and ideas, and so is Clean Air Asia.

Be a change maker

50% of India’s population is under the age of 25, and the youth of this Young Country is vital for making positive contributions to critical issues like air pollution. We invite anyone between the age of 15- 32 according to the definition of youth in agenda 21  with a passion to act for clean air to join us. YCAN is currently active in Delhi/ NCR, Nagpur, Agra, Gandhinagar and Bhubaneshwar, but we envisage expanding it to another 10 Indian cities this year, with the sheer efforts of our young volunteers.

If you are passionate about air quality and between the ages of 15 to 32, then you are the one YCAN is searching for! Join us and be our volunteer. Help us sensitize the Indian youth about the air quality/ air pollution consequences faced by Indian cities and also contribute your solutions to curb air pollution. Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you

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Registering as a volunteer you agree to our following policy for volunteer certification:For a certified YCAN volunteer you need to participate in at least 5 activities of CAA-YCAN in a time span of 6 months. Activities can include meetings (indoor/ outdoor), Hawai Adda (social talk event), promotions of CAA-YCAN event, awareness campaigns etc.